Whenever you send something to your customer, you should add a professional touch by using envelope printing. A printed envelope enhances and reinforces your brand image. It couveys a professional and uniform look to your business correspendence, and greatly increases the chance that your customers will read what’s inside. As for ready made envelopes, you only choose whether to have window / non window, sizes, type of envelope, quantity order and how colour printing.

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Paper Size
3 ½” x 6”
4 ¼” x 6 ¼”
4” x 9”
4 ½” x 9 ½”
7” x 10”
9” x 12 ¾ “
10” x 13”
10” x 15”
12” x 16”
Others sizes

Printing Type
1 Color
2 Color
3 Color
4 Color
Single side
Double side

Paper Materials
White envelope
Manila envelope
Thick envelope
Old gold envelope
Master Paq
Win Paq
Enve Lord
Other materials

Hot stamping

Envelope Option
Peel and Seal
Window / non window
Security seal
O Paq

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